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Park View Australian Labradoodles

Essentials Shopping List

In addition to our favourite items on our Shopping Page where we have special discount codes for you to use, you may find the list of items below helpful to prepare for the arrival of your puppy. For ease, these items can be ordered from Amazon.  These are all items that we use or have used with our own dogs.

Sleeping, Home & Car

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The puppy sling is helpful to enable you to take your puppy out to socialise and expose them to the outdoor world before they are fully vaccinated and able to walk on the ground themselves. 

Ensure you never clip a seatbelt to a dog's collar, only a harness for safety reasons.

We love Perfect Fit Harnesses that can grow with your dog.



First Aid, Healthcare & Grooming

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Always seek veterinary advice if your puppy or dog is unwell. The first aid items listed above are always handy to have in the cupboard in conjunction with professional advice

As a professional groomer, I highly recommend Les Poocs and Chris Christensen slicker brushes. You will find cheaper options on Amazon or in pet shops but I have listed the ones I wouldn't be without.

Chews, Treats & Toys

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