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Park View Australian Labradoodles

Hello everyone and welcome to our first blog.

Having a dog in one's life is amazing. They give so much more than they ever take and having a pack is even better. They keep me grounded, remind me every day to live in the moment, appreciate the simple things and that there is never a shortage of love.

Sunday evening I watched the weather anxiously as I wanted to take the dogs to the beach on Monday and this was a one off opportunity (all will become clear).

Monday was sunny and bright and everyone was excited although they didn't quite know why. The beach was a huge success. For those who had been before the smells and tastes were familiar. For Jagger, a first timer, it was exhausting and he's still recovering two days later. Chasing birds and balls and swimming in the sea was as much fun as ever. I was reminded that watching one's dogs have fun is as rewarding as watching one's small children. 


But today was a bittersweet day and I am crying as I write. A day for Gracie. Gracie Gorg (short for gorgeous) as she was known. This was Gracie's last day with us. Gracie had cancer and it was time. We were determined to fill her last week with the things she loved and the beach was her favourite. Saying goodbye was one of the hardest things I have ever done and I held her in my arms until she slept forever.

Gracie was the gentlest sweetest soul. She was smart. She was fun. She was a fab mumma and produced amazing babies.

I will cry tonight without her on our bed and I will cry again when her last litter of grand pups arrive later this month. Having Gracie in our lives was a privilege and the pain I feel today is worth even a moment with this special girl.

Sleep tight puppy dog. We love you.