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Doodle Information & FAQ's

Australian Labradoodle or English Labradoodle?

What is an English Labradoodle?

An English labradoodle or labradoodle origin (LO) as it is often called is a cross between a labrador retriever and poodle. This is a first generation cross and is known as a F1.

Their size, look, coat varies considerable and they may or may not shed. They are usually taller and slighter in build than the Australian Labradoodle (ALD).

It is difficult to predict the results of a first generation cross which is why we see so many different types of Labradoodle. Appearance, coat and size vary considerably.

What is an Australian Labradoodle?

An Australian labradoodle is not a crossbreed, it is a multi-generational dog that is predictable in look, coat, size and temperament. The Australian Labradoodle, in WALA standards, is a mix of poodle, Labrador retriever, and cocker spaniel.

Their coats can be wool or fleece or a mixture of the two. Coats are usually either spiral or wavy fleece and come in a variety of different colours. The Australian Labradoodle is considered to be low allergen. They are low shed and low odour.

In temperament they are bright, friendly, funny and just want to please. They are calm dogs that make loyal and loving companions and the fact that they are bright and willing to please makes them easy to train.

Unlike the LO prices of Australian Labradoodles remain constant and do not vary much at all. With a few exceptions you really do get what you pay for in the world of Australian Labradoodles so please do you homework before purchasing your puppy. It is important to understand that good breeders spend time and money on their dogs by choosing the best and healthiest dogs to breed from. A good breeder will give as much support and guidance as you need in rearing and owning your ALD.  By purchasing a puppy from a WALA registered breeder you can be confident that you are taking home the best of the best.