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Guardian Families

What is a Guardian Family?

Guardian Families raise and care for a breeding dog as a loved family pet for the duration of his or her breeding career. Most of our breeding dogs are in the care of a loving forever guardian home. If you like us, and we like you; you will be lucky enough to have a very special puppy

Should we become a Guardian Family?

As a guardian family you are able to have the ‘pick of the litter’ at no cost and the dog stays with you as your family pet for the rest of his or her life. The guardian programme ensures that our breeding animals have happy, healthy lives as loved family pets (thus eliminating awful puppy farms). We adore our dogs and believe wholeheartedly that the best puppies come from a family pet environment. And you will be part of this!

It’s not easy being without your pet for weeks, but when the pups are two weeks old you can visit and by week three mum is usually quite keen to go for a walk with her family. Whilst this is an emotional time it is also highly rewarding to know that from this partnership other families will have a dog they adore as much as you do yours. Plus meeting and playing with the
puppies is pretty special!

As a thank you we gift our guardian families a sum of money for each successful litter.

For this relationship. to work well you need to like and trust us and we need to like and trust you. At times we’ll have a lot to do with each other and we need to communicate and get along. Some of our closest friendships have started in this way.

If after reading this you are still interested, get in touch …

We’ll chat about your individual circumstances and what will work for us both.