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Park View Australian Labradoodles

Mum - I need a friend!

There are multiple benefits for both owner and dogs for having two. Dogs are pack animals and it is in their make up to live with other dogs.

Dogs can keep each other company, entertain each other and learn from each other (both good and bad).

Consider where you live, your ability to care for them and how your other pets might react.

Why I love having more than one dog:

Entertainment and Exercise. They keep each other entertained and exercised. Playtime is so important for your dog’s health and happiness. They need socialisation and affection. We all love spending time with our dogs but with the best will in the world we are all on occasion, time poor.  Adding a second dog to the mix will ensure your dog gets enough exercise and stimulation.  Don’t get me wrong, this doesn’t mean you can completely abdicate your one on one time as this is vital for your dog’s socialisation and development but they will keep each other entertained and the pressure will be off you. When you’re out they will keep each other company.  I for one don’t fret about my dogs when I’m out as I know they have each other. They are also less likely to resort to boredom induced hi-jinks around your home.

Easy Peasy Training. An older dog can certainly teach a new dog some new tricks and the rules of the house. As pack animals dogs naturally look to their pack leader for guidance and your older dog will take on this role when you introduce a new puppy to the family. Having an older dog can make toilet training easier as your pup is likely to relieve himself in the same spot as your older dog.

Prevent Separation Anxiety. Whilst one should never get a second dog to ease the first’s separation anxiety (it is a complex problem that needs addressing on it’s own) it is not normal for a dog to be alone.  Most dogs appreciate an canine companion to keep them calm and entertained whilst their owner is away. Having more than one dogs definitely relieves my anxiety when I have to go out.

Double the Expense? Absolutely Not. Aside from food two dogs don’t cost much more than two.  They can share beds, toys and chews, grooming products and water bowls.

Double the Love. I love nothing more than coming home to my dogs who love me unconditionally and a second dog or fifth in my case just multiplies that. Our first dog brought so much love and joy to our family that we wanted another and didn’t stop there! They are all amazing and all have their own personalities that make them special and unique. The pros definitely outweighs the cons - for me it’s a no brainer.

Finally. The best time to get a second dog is when the first is property trained as this will allow you to devote ample time for your new puppy. Don’t consider getting a second dog until your first is fully trained. If you are working on an issue with your first dog it is unlikely that the second will help solve the problem. This is almost never the case and may make things worse.